Frequently Asked Questions

Let us share your questions about our products, our services and our e-commerce sales channel so that we can serve you faster and better.

Our products are guaranteed 2 years against manufacturing faults.


There is no special production except for standard sized refrigerators on our internet site.

You can open your service request for our products by selecting the service closest to you in the Services section on our internet site and by contacting us at 0 850 000 00 00 service line.

You can make payments in the form of credit cards or wire transfers of contracted banks.

Visit our e-commerce site for payment options, terms and remote sales contracts.

Products you have purchased within 3 – 5 business days at the latest after your order will be delivered to cargo.

Frenox products you purchase will be delivered to your address. Cargo costs of our products vary according to product size and weight.